CSIR-NET (JRF) CHEMISTRY NEW BATCH WILL BE START FROM January 03, 2019, Registration Open 


Admission Process

How to get the Application Form 

First of all student have to take application form which is available online and offline mode. Online application form is available at our website www.hgaurchemistry.com through which student can download it. Offline application form is available at our study centre. Student can take form directly by paying cash to our centre.


How to Submit the Application Form

Application form along with fee Rs. 500/- (Cash / Cheque / DD) can be submitted in person or by post at our Study Centre.


Rules and Regulations:

1. Before seeking admission, the student should relate about his/her incurable disease, mentally illness or criminal records otherwise the Institute is not liable for any incident/accidents.

2. It's compulsory to submit the 70% part of the whole fee for per session within 3 days of nomination. The rest 30% part of the fee must be submitted by the students within next 15 days or as per instruction of the authorities.

3.  If the former student of our kind Institute wants to take regular admission again in new/next batch of the same session for NET-Chemistry, he/she must submit only 30% part of the whole fee for that batch only.

4. In any case/reasons, the student disconnects from the Institute/batch, his/her admission will be cancelled without returning of submitted fee and if the same defaulter student takes admission in our Institute for keeping study regular again, he/she must submit the whole fee of that session in one installment only without any discount and without including previous submitted session fee.

5. In any case of taking late admission of student, the institute isn't bounded to complete the whole syllabus of the session. The student should take admission with their discretion.

6. Student must maintain a strict discipline. The student's admission can be expelled without refund of fee on the matter of undisciplined behavior or impolitic performance.

7. Commutation to Institute will be sole responsibility of the student. If any problem occurs during travelling to the Institute, it is solely the responsibility of the student.

8. The students themselves are responsible for the loss or thievery of their study materials, money, domestic/physical things and vehicles. The Institute isn't liable for the compensation.

9. It's restricted the use of tobacco chewing, smoking or the consumption of any drug. The defaulters will be punished with the ejection of their admission. 

10. If the student indulges in any kind of unfair or unsocial activity, it is the responsibility of the student and his parents only. The Institute isn't liable for the same.

11. Mobile should be kept in switched off or silent mode in the Institute.

12. Every student must attend the classes in his/her assigned batch only.

13. Student must attend the classes and test-papers regularly. Students and Parents/guardians will be solely responsible for student's absenteeism from the classes and test-paper.

14. It's compulsory to attend the test-papers. The absent students will be fined with 100 ₹ per test. (The students may inform before one day of commencement of test-paper)